Monday, 15 December 2008


Can you see what I had done in the picture above?

You see it now?

Yay you guessed right!!..... I got a tattoo of my beautiful butterfly because it represents the different stages of my life and I truly BELIEVE that I am emerging a fully fledged butterfly, roll on 2009!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Well I have started to think ahead into what tool is going to be best for me when it comes to the DIY thing.

Last week I ordered the above (latch hook tool) after viewing several 'You Tube' vids. The price ranged from £1.10 to £4.99! Don't ask me why the huge price range.

Anyway I stumbled across a website that had bought assets off another website and selling them off cheap! I in fact got this one for £1.10 + 50pence for postage and packaging.

It arrived the following day. I was pretty impressed with that........but not however with the latch hook tool itself when it comes to locking my hair!

Here are my findings:
  1. The tool is too long and fiddly for some of my short locks.

  2. The opening though clever because you don't have to thread your locks through the loop, does however catch strands of nearby locks. (needless to say, rather painful)

  3. On reflection, it looks easier for someone else to use while locking your hair.

  4. For £1.50, it was well worth the try.