Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Ok i have a BIG axe to grind!
I notice years back that the right side of my temple is.......devoid of hair...okay so i exaggerate a little....lets just say its SPARSE. It has bugged me ever since trying to figure out why just the right temple and not both as most people experience due to tight braids, perms etc. I got by, by being grateful that at least its 1 side as supposed to both sides.
Only of late (not helped by my constant colouring to hide the greys) its become more apparent to ME anyways.
I had two issues on my hands regarding hair styles.
1) Just gotta hide the greys hair do
2) Definitely gotta hide the sparse side of my temple.
A couple of weeks ago i read several forums and articles regarding amalgam metal dental fillings and the fact that they contain 50% Mercury. One lady in particular said she noticed after she took her 7 year old to have his teeth filled that his hair began to fall out. And she could only tie it in to the trip to the dentist. Later on she took him back and had the fillings replaced by white fillings and miraculously his hair grew back!!
Okay a lot of folks out there will poo poo this as non sense, trust me I am one of those folks who is allergic to this, that and the other (working on that issue) and i thought apart from the cost, what harm would it do????
This woman went on to challenged readers to check to see what side they had fillings and to note the side of thinning hair. Trust yours truly....i did just that and was happy to notice that i had 1 fillings on the upper right side (in fact my new dentist said i had 2!!).
My dentist also confirmed that the metal fillings did contain 50% mercury.
Any forward to 1 week ago today. I had both metal fillings replaced by white ones. After she finished excavating both teeth she asked me to rinse. I used 2 cups of solution just to get rid of the debris of metal fillings and when i felt the holes with my tongue i was shocked to find that 1 tooth in particular was so large, there was barely any enamel left. (so folks imagine the amount of metal filling it took to fill that hole!!!!!!!!)
Never been happier to spend £190 to replace metal fillings i have had for soooo long am sure its more than 20 years.
So now i have noticed that i have fine hair where there was none and thought i would share my experience and get you guys to follow my progress of new growth...yay.
I wear head bands loosely, (don't want to add to the problem!)
Now that my hair is a bit longer i wear the head band and tie my hair into one at the back.

Above is how it would be seen by the entire world.

This is it in reality, could do with a couple of rows of locks!

Click on this picture you may actually see fine hairs. I will continue to post my progress on a regular fingers and everything else crossed for me folks.
Anyway i feel quite positive about it and that folks i believe is half the battle!!
Till next time.