Friday, 30 July 2010


My last couple of re tightenings have been at a 3 week interval, which takes long enough over a couple or so days. My fear is leaving it to 4 weeks and take forever to re tighten. I have noticed an incredible growth rate, granted from my crown area where all the density is on my head.
What's your rate of growth and where?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well would you believe it, I am nearly at my two year anniversary!
It had been five and a half weeks since I re tightened so as you can safely expect, it took me a wee longer to complete. I did them in 3 evenings after work. A lot easier to digest that way. All i remember thinking was that it was taking soooo long and i was getting bored.
So the re tightening you see here folks are just 1 week old.
Just noticed the grid pattern is quite noticeable from the crown....good job am a 6 footer ...actually doesn't really count as i sit to do my work = (
But from the pictures below one cant tell = )
Till next time folks.