Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Are you doing a double look? A bit confused? Yep you've come to the right place! He he

If you havent already worked it out people.......I CHEATED! I EXTENDED MY LOCKS!!

Take a closer look. Can you tell where my locks end and where the big fat lie begins????

Try again!

Looks like sh*t from the back for now..............

At work as usual the only person who said anything was a guy who sits opposite me made a comment about me wearing my hair down for a change. Bless....didnt have a clue!

And here we are.....what truly made it possible to lie through my nose. I used afro kinky 100% human hair 6" to 8". Took about 20 hours or there abouts. Just working very slowly and taking my sweet time. Once I realise I am getting tired, I stopped.

I purchase it online from His & Hers Hair Goods

Monday, 20 February 2012


What have I done?????????

Monday, 13 February 2012


Dont get too excited, just thought i show my face as i didnt in the last profile. Plus it may be a little while longer before that thing i mentioned in my post last week.

See its quite weird that sometimes my bling doesnt look blingy enough. (Imagine...... didnt think I'd ever say that....ha....'not blingy enough!')
For now though I have no plans to grow out the sides because I love it soooo much. Not to mention the fact that 1) It takes a fraction of the time to retight and 2) I dont have to stress out the delicate temples.

So people 'jobs is a good un' as some parts of Britain say.

Do still look out for that thing I mentioned ok?

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Hello People,

I know it been a wee while. Got really bored with my locks and just decided to leave it be. Though I maintained by shaving the back and side every month and retighting. I also decided a while back now to double the little suckers.

Just not fun spending endless hours retightening!

Anyway I just thought I had better update as I am planning something else very soon. So stay posted now....your girl is back on track!!

Much love.xx

Just a couple of hours ago I took this picture before setting off to work. I just wanted to see how the land lies regarding the intensity of silver. Very interesting indeed.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed how much my locks have grown. The locks at the back now reach to the nap of my neck when pulled out. Wowsa!

My left side

My right side/best profile.