Tuesday, 23 June 2009



I cant believe that 9 months have passed since I first had my locks installed. One thing i did notice actually this morning funnily enough (when i couldn't sleep at 4am an hour before i put the flipping side lamp on to read in the hope it will bring on drowsiness), was that the front part of my hair is now beginning to seal...I should miss the curly bits when they eventually lock. They feel fatter.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


On Saturday, I paid a visit to my consultant as pre-arrange the last time she retightened my hair. She estimated an hour to check that I was doing my retight correctly.

I carried out my 'self retight' 3 weeks ago so there was a little growth but Marie was still able to see what she needed to see to ensure I was doing it right. No word of a lie, I was in and out of there in less than ten minutes! The best bit was when she said there was no charge! YAY

I left her place on cloud 9 and was once again really proud of my handy work. When I got home, I applied some henna for 3 hours and later did a little retight on some rogue locks in front and one or two at the back whilst watching movies on the box and before I could say JACK ROBINSON I had commenced another retight without even realising it. When I got up to go to bed and check the back, I realised how much I had done. So when I rose in the morning I carried on till the afternoon when I completed yet another retight. Unfortunately because I wasn't planning it, I didn't time it.

So because that unscheduled retight took place the last weekend of the month, I have decided that is when I will schedule all future retights (easy to remember, every 28 to 31 days). This also means I will only have to do 1 4pt rotation per lock which means I will be done sooner rather than later. Well that's the plan anyway...you know how life sometimes gets in the way. ; 0