Wednesday, 29 July 2009


In the picture above I simply removed the head tie to take a closer look.
This is the view from the back of the head tie.

This shot is the front view.
The follow pictures are of a different design. The above pictures are from the head tie I wore.

This is my daughter in the completed head tie.

First of all you take the stiff but pliable fabric and fold almost in half.
Starting at the front to the back.......

do a cross over and return to the front....

and then cross over at the front to ........

finally secure at the back ........

with a knot, then

work the fabric into a shape that takes your fancy...

for example work into a flower petal...

Then tuck in any loose ends.....

Here you have the finished article

daughter and mother.

Typically head ties are worn to complete the look to an African attire, not the worn with western closes like the pictures depict above. lol

Monday, 6 July 2009


The lovely Ofo
Ofo, Lady E & myself

Ofo and her daughters doing a traditional Ghanaian dance

Ofo's daughter leads the African attire fashion parade

My daughter getting her nails done with her little friend looking on

Ofo, myself her daughter and Lady E
And the rear view of our different locks types, (had to squat down a little so our heads are

My son and daughter.

I met up with the lovely Ofo on Saturday for the first time, when she kindly invited me to a fundraising event organised by some of the congregation at her church. It was held on a beautiful 17 acres of conifer woodland called 'Spring Meadow Farm'
It was such a lovely day with lots of African food, dance, Auctions and lots of laughs naturally. There were also lots of ladies and young men sporting natural hair styles.

All in all a fun day out. Isn't that right Ofo?