Tuesday, 11 January 2011


First and foremost, a very happy New Year to you all in blog land!
This is one of my staple hair style, with a head band though i wouldn't normally tie it back.

I was experimenting over the last weekend and came across a white hair spray that washes out with just one wash. Let me just tell you folks, i think am just going to be patient and let the hair be and grow out slowly but surely. I wasn't prepared for the impact it would have on how i felt about the whole grey thing.

Below is the back which is (in my book) next to nothing grey wise. I didn't spray any white on the back.

Da da......its a whole lotta white thing going on!!!! This was taken in my bathroom.

And this in front of the window offering some of daylight.

But don't worry folks i washed it all out this morning!. I don't recommend it...i think its was designed for a little fun and washed out as soon as possible. I slept with that crap in my hair for two nights and the whiteness disappeared and left a matt grey look. Plus as i shook my hair to rid it of excess water in the shower, i noticed quite a lot of hair on the shower walls. Far too many...if you do spray that sh*t in your hair wash it out the same day!!

According to my 1 panel judge (my son) he said it looked like dust!!!!

So that is, as they say is that!

Till next time.