Friday, 26 March 2010


The first picture was taken just last night when i started messing with the camera on my phone........couldn't get to sleep so i occupied myself with stuff. lol
The second pic (taken on my way to work this morning) shows the gradual colour phasing am currently going through. According to my son, its getting lighter! Great!
When i colour now, i just concentrate on the roots and rely on the previous colour fading naturally.
I have noticed now that the locks on my crown have finally compacted......boy are they slim. When i retightened last weekend, i had to do what i had to do. That is combine locks that have always been a little on the thin side. Did that 4 times at least!
The fact that am thinking 'this lock is thin' means all is not i leave it till the next retightening and if i feel the same way, i combine them. This helps me so as not to be combining wheely neely and wind up with just one phat lock.......ha ha if!
Till the next time.