Monday, 26 September 2011


Hello People!

I will let the pictures do the talking. It was a joy to put in pipe cleaners, less hair length, less time to put in/out, less drying time! Though if am honest i just ran my hands under the tap and rubbed my hair twice, then i put in the pipe cleaners.

Thursday, 22 September 2011



I liked my shaved sides soooo much i decided to retain it. So when i went up to Manchester i paid a visit to her barber/hairdressers and got them to shave the sides and the back into a 'V' shape.

The result you see directly below.

Then i hated to see the coloured bits sooo much, I french plaited it all the way down showing off ma Mohawk man! lol
Then I had a panic attack....'oh my god, work!'. So i put a head scarf on it.

Then I had a Wedding party to attend and so i French plaited it upwards kinda like a pineapple. With the coloured bits hanging out randomly.

Then i went to down to Plymouth to see my little 'Chicken', and he had hair issues too! Plus let me tell you, i wasn't liking that crazy fringe thing! And the coloured bits were seriously beginning to take their toll on me.

So in honour of my 1st year anniversary i chopped off all the coloured bits that have bugged me for the best part of
one year.

So how you like me now?.... I LIKE VERY MUCH!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Below is one of the many styles I wear my locks, with one of those fabric elasticated Alice band with the option to fan it out. My favourite style below.....letting it all hang

Where the bling is at folks.....on the crown area

My temple (right side) although there is growth the hairs sprouting here are still quite fine. So with this in mind I have decided to maintain this style option until density improves.
I retightened last weekend and decided to take a snap shot of what it looked like.

Shocked is the word that came to mind. I had no idea things had changed at the back so drastically. Ah well sh*t happens.

See what I mean folks.......Jeeese!

11 months worth of Silver Bling Things!

Friday, 19 August 2011



It's growing people! Since i shaved the sides and a little bit at the sides, i got into the routine of brushing my hair again. Could this be what is responsible for a fuller hair growth? I feel it's a number of things, i stopped colouring my hair 11 months ago and the only thing i use on my hair is Olive Oil.....neat from the kitchen cupboards!!

Love to read some feedback, so dont be shy and tell me what you think or better still what your experience has been.

Monday, 25 July 2011


Ladies and gentlemen allow me to present my beautiful daughter who graduated last Tuesday from university with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology!

My pretty baby!

One down and one to's got my son all fired up and motivated! There is indeed a God!!

I set my hair in pipe cleaners and 7 days later today, it's only beginning to drop. Check out my next blog and i will elaborate more about it.

Does this look good from behind?

We are so proud. Congratulations SuSu!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hello again blog people!

Just thought i would keep you updated on my shaved sides (1 month) as well as my Silver journey (10 months).

From the pictures below, you can just see where i added silver curly hair (not human). It is actually a perfect match. Wish though that is wasnt so curly as when i braided it into my locks, it made my lock curly too. If i was that bothered about 'braid outs' i guess it would look fabulous. It's still a work in progress and i have in fact taken some out as it got a little too much.

Anyhoo, check back soon as the journey continues.

Monday, 20 June 2011


Okay, like i mentioned a couple of posts ago, i wanted to go with the flow and then basically went a little doolally!

In the picture below, on the left hand side where there is a concentration of grey is the offending patch....i say patch, to be fair it is growing ever soooooo slowly.

Then i went to see a barber in the hair salon and forced his hand to make the sides equal, by cutting some of my locks which he did reluctantly on the right hand side......(why do barbers do that? Hair salons were scared to come near me.....weird!!).

Anyways to me it looked like my natural hair line and for the first time since having my locks installed i was able to wear my hair in a pony tail out of the salon feeling very liberated. Though am not convinced its equal but no probs there.

If am honest, for a little while now i had to combined many locks at the back, because they where just too thin and it was something that bothered me especially when i retightened. I wish i had thought about it before.

So from this day forth i will always trim back at least an inch from the nape of my neck and let it be. In fact when i retightened at the weekend it felt sooo good because the first locked i grabbed to retighten was solid and strong.

Now for the front (this bit i did myself a week before i went to the barbers) right hand side temple has been a bone of contention for a while now....and if it isnt one thing its another. So i did the decent thing and SHAVED THE SUCKERS OFF!!!! HE HE HE

I actually didnt mean to shave it all........its just that there wasnt much hair there to begin with....i hated it so much. I used hide it. I used grade 1 on the clippers and it just looked bald. Damn it i rocked the sh*t out of it. I can hear you guys screaming i must be mad......well you'd not be entirely wrong there.

Have you calmed down yet????? Good! Now.............. back to the barbers, i got him to shave the other side and i kinda have a Mohawk thang going on.......(well only at the i dont scare my co workers) then i got him to trim the edges and make me look neat and tidy and the result you will find below.

This picture below is how i wear it to work and i luuuuurve it. I think its about not hiding that side of my head anymore!!!! Now i EXPOSE it for the world to see.

Oh yes i almost forgot to mention, i also had a big trim of the length....roughly about an inch which felt sooo nice and neat. You see the thing with the patch at the back is that as my hair grew to shoulder length, it got quite noticeable that something was going on underneath. So i did the only decent thing........and this is how i present myself for work.

A little close up for you.

PS = I did save all the locks that were cut off.....strangely and perhaps not surprising, i didnt have that much maybe 12 if that.

What are my plans for the temples? Who knows......though from experience when i start cutting it's a very very slippery slope.......I get twa envy........OH GAWD WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME??????

Anyway the sides look better now as i have more growth .........i have no plans of putting strain on my right temple so only time will tell what am going to do next.

As for the left hand side....i may then again may not reattached the salvaged locks when it grows out a this space and see what happens.....

Friday, 17 June 2011


Its hard to believe that 9 months have past since i last coloured my hair. Wow

Here is an update on how much silver is coming out of my head!

Stay tuned though for the big up date regarding the 'patch issue'.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Hello Blog land!!

It's been a wee while.....

Okay even before i started locking (before October 2008) i had this small patch at the back of my head.... I ignored it and carried on doing my thing, you know retightening, going blonde, doing the henna thang then back to to admit didnt really help matters.

It had a mind of its own, so it got slightly bigger.....
Then funnily enough it began to send me signals it was in love.

Then I got really mad with it and the war had truly started!!!

Then i stopped colouring and stopped fighting and decided to go with God's own bling and work with what nature is saying is my destiny......why fight it....when i can just go along with it and go with the flow??

Watch out for what i did my next post.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Good Morning to all mothers out there on this Mothering Sunday!!!

I hope you're not lifting a finger to do anything and your children are spoiling you rotten like only you deserve!! Me? As usual i woke up hungry and had breakfast not long ago. My son did ask me 'what time do you want breakfast mom?' last night when he came in late from a surprise 18th birthday of one of his best mates.......ah well when he eventually gets his shinny 16 year old black a**e out of bed, he can make the lunch.....I look forward to it. = o

Any hoo back to the hair story! I will let the pictures do the talking. I added silver kinky hair to the crown area last week. Yesterday I washed it and set it in rollers. Below are the before and after pictures.

Even if i say so myself, the silver thang looks better when the hair is set. Do i look like an old lady? I think so.....perhaps I will have to experiment with set hair styles. Actually no perhaps about it...I will!!!!

No.....this is what my son did for me on photoshop. What i will look like when my hair is eventually covered.......on second thoughts, no rush to get to that end goal thank you very much!!!

So whaddaya think? Let me know....I really value your opinion.

Enjoy being spoilt in England the sun is shinny and its such a beautiful spring Sunday. Just Peeeerffeccccct.