Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Okay people a quick show of how I extend short locs with harvested 'two headed' dragons.

First of all I get my needle and invisible thread as shown in the picture below. (If you stare hard enough you will see the thread.... apologies for the quality).
Next I harvest 'one head' from a 'two headed' dragon and pass the needle through it and secure ready for re attaching below.

Then I locate the said short loc below

Dont ask how the picture below happened, it just did....the invisible thread is actually holding them together in a way it appears to defy gravity.

Anyway enough of the science, allow the new piece to over lap like shown in the pic and wrap the thread several times around the existing loc to secure. Then stitch as you see fit ensuring you go through the existing and the new piece and again secure.
(Otherwise it will come out every time you get your hair wet.) It's really trial and error for me.
And another thing, I only do this to locs in the front, what ever I dont see, dont tend to bug me so much. lol

Now you see the bump in the loc below (and again if you look hard enough you will see the thread hanging down from it).

And now you dont! Viola!!

That's it...... tutorial over, any questions?????

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Well people if you remember I said in my last post that I had something up my very long sleeves?

You may well have heard about it, it's certainly been around for a while judging by the You Tube vids which date back as far as 2007. (Guess you are not meant to find out about stuff until the timing is right for you.)

Anyhoo....I couldnt find any micro lock or any kind of lock wearers who had tried Mega Tek. However, there were shed loads of people doing tutorials about how to use it on human hair....(okay so far I have failed to mention it is for use on pets....well it was created for horses and someone tried it and the rest as they say is history)

Okay okay dont get irritated with me = ( I shall come to the point now!!!

I sent for my bottle above and decided to read the instructions and 'do me'. I must say that one thread that was running through all the vids and forums, was to combat excess shedding to take garlic supplements along with garlic hair conditioner. I didn't I just stuck with the garlic supplements.

The only shedding I noticed was when re tightening and to be honest, not enough to cause alarm or for me to curtail the use.

My routine is to just shake the bottle then squirt a coin size dollop on my hand and rub it into the areas that need it most. I do this every day.

The lotion smells like coconuts and the boyfriend likes it.....(to come to think of it his nose is never out of my hair........lol.)


I have a bald patch at the back of my hair that started off the size of a small coin some 3 years ago. It has now expanded into..... a big heart shape.....yep I got the love thang going on in my head. I know I certainly didnt help matters by going blonde and colouring like crazy every 4 weeks on the dot. Until you have greys like I do, guess you will never truly understand especially when you arent mentally ready.

Anyway I haven't been brave enough to post pictures. However i have made a promise to self that when it all grows back, i shall show the before and after photies....cant be fairer than that.

The GOOD NEWS here is that I have a little tufty island (as the boyfriend calls it). Long enough to braid YaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!

They say its good for nails too.....not mine unfortunately, but WHO CARES??? I didnt buy it for that reason.


I dont recommend this product to newbie lock wearers or any one with very fine hair, it would unravel your locks before you say Jack Robinson!

Even with my nearly two year old locks, I was stunned to find 1 lock more or less unravelled. It was then I reduced the amount and ensured i rubbed into thin and bald spots. A little goes a long way.

I 'do me' so you've got to 'do you' and find what works for you. You may decide to use it every other day or even once a week.....I have 3 words for you here....TRIAL AND ERROR.

I leave the product in, others co wash their hair 3 times a week and then apply it ...i dont.

Remember 'DO YOU' and do your RESEARCH!!

One other thing....be prepared if you are using it all over because your hair will grow depending on your personal rate of growth.

Lets just say two weeks after I re tightened I was able to go a full rotation in my rapid growth areas on my head.

I am happy with my rate of growth generally so not doing that again.....just the area that needs a likkle help.

Read all about Mega Tek below:

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Picture directly below is how my right temple looks like now, 2 months after my dental appointment.And the picture below here was taken in the same week after I had the metal fillings replaced.

I have seen some growth and in fact installed a hand full of new baby ones, though from the 1st picture they don't look at all like baby locks because, I re attached locks (taken from two headed dragons) and cheated!! He he.... just smarter than the average bear!


When re attaching locks any where on your head, be sure to harvest 'two headed dragons' from close proximity to the lock you want extending, so the lock size is uniform.

I made the mistake of harvesting from the back and re attached to the front....what a kerfuffle!! Needless to say I had to remove it, as it looked top heavy!!!!

I have vowed to curtail my hair colouring to 6 to 8 weeks, currently I have just passed the 4 week mark and am not in that desperate mode to hide the greys...I have just gone back to what i did in the past...the use of soft Kohl pencil in between week 3 and 6 (HOPEFULLY!!!).
I have been full circle with the flipping colour issues, cant fight mother nature, so i have finally learnt to live with it......well sort of...am still colouring but not as often....got to look after my hair as I have really treated it badly and its a wonder I have any hair left!!!

In light of that, I have purchased a 'No SLS green Intensive Repair' shampoo for colour treated hair....more expensive @ £10.50 for a 200ml tube. A little goes a long way so they say, i will find out myself when i use it for the first time this Sunday. Previous to that I have been co washing once a week for the past month or so. As a result I am seeing more baby hairs sprouting everywhere.

All I need now is a thicker body to give the temple a fuller look......watch this space because I've got something else up my very long sleeves...he he he.
(I am in the middle of reviewing a product which I cant wait to share the results of...safe to say am a very happy bunny).

Till next time folks!!!