Friday, 31 October 2008


1 It's more flexible.

2 It feels stronger/thicker.

3 There's a lot of growth, especially in thinning areas!

4 It looks fuller.

5 It has a mind of its own first thing!

6 It is very obedient to 'water only' spray.

7 It responds beautifully to finger combing.

8 It has curls at the end in some places.

9 It has what looks like bubbles in some.

10 I grow in love with it from one micro second to the next!



Yesterday a new shopping mall opened in London that boasts to be the largest in Europe! It spans several post codes and believe me it is very different and very big with upmarket stores like Prada, Gucci, Mulberry Versace to name a few almost rubbing shoulders with the high street stores.
I was there yesterday for the grand opening and the winner of 'Pop Idol' last year (Leona Lewis) treated first day shoppers to a performance alongside random catwalks and a speech by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.
The real reason for me being there is that our company also completed 'Dune' shoes which was located in one of the malls 265 units; and I went along to take photographs for our company portfolio.
Today however also marks my 1st month since I had my micro locks installed!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Well people, I ain't as daft as I look, I got help with my first wash!! (VIEW PICS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP)

1) First of all my hair was put in bunches (not braided because my hair was too thick in areas and too short in others)...aren't they just pretty???

2) Then my hair was dampened with a mixture of Ayurveda shampoo (means science of life) and water from a spray gun.

3) Then the actual bunches were squeezed individually to ensure proper saturation of mixture into the hair, whilst the base was patted gently.

4) Finally the hair was rinsed using tepid water from the shower ensuring at all times the water pressure was very low. Too high ladies and gents and you will literally blast away your consultants hard work!!

5) Rinse well to rid your locks of any shampoo residue....(it is certainly worth the extra minute or two of TLC!)

6) Towel dry hair gently to absorb excess water.

7) Individually remove bands by pulling one part of it with your fingers before inserting a pair of scissors and snipping: and like magic, they unravel themselves from your locks. (GOES WITHOUT SAYING HERE FOLKS......BE VERY CAREFUL YOU DON'T SNIP YOUR LOCKS!!!).

8) Working bunch by bunch, separate each lock from the other, (this is very important especially if there is new grow....these babies love each other so much they want to bind with each other!!). Speaking of new growth, can you see the grey babies saying hello again???

9) Once every bunch has been attended to, you may blow dry to speed the drying process........but again use very low gentle heat and work in a circular motion. (Personally I prefer air drying).

10) Last but certainly not the least, style as desired. THAT'S IT.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Well, what a journey the last two weeks have been, and how time flies when you're having a lot of fun with your MICROLOCKS!!!!!

Don't know if you can actually see from my pictures that I have varying lengths of locks on my head and boy is it short in some places. Marie worked her magic and made it happen and in return I promised to be a very good girl by not spraying with water or anything else for that matter. Water causes swelling and swelling causes slippage! It has been extremely tempting at times as my locks have a mind of their own first thing in the morning. However as you all know, taking a bath/shower usually sorts the locks out as the steam tames them a little bit.

How about the itching folks? I normally wash my hair every week and to say that it has been very challenging, is an understatement. However I look on the positive side (or negative in this case) and think don't want to do SLIPPAGE!! As if my magic, the yearn to get in there reduces a great deal.

Whilst on the subject of shampooing, my first wash is planned for this coming Monday. So look out for my posting on the subject.

Till then my lovelies!!

Monday, 6 October 2008


Well people, I finally got my little babies installed over the weekend in just under 24 hours!!
My experience was awesome and it was filled with little surprises all the way!
To summarise, we chatted, we listened to various types of music, we watched movies, I napped, Marie plodded on, we chatted some more, we listen to more music, we ate, we laughed, we laughed and did I mentioned that we laughed?
It was a long time coming as you know (& if you don't, read my earlier posts). It has certainly been worth the wait!!!