Sunday, 3 April 2011


Good Morning to all mothers out there on this Mothering Sunday!!!

I hope you're not lifting a finger to do anything and your children are spoiling you rotten like only you deserve!! Me? As usual i woke up hungry and had breakfast not long ago. My son did ask me 'what time do you want breakfast mom?' last night when he came in late from a surprise 18th birthday of one of his best mates.......ah well when he eventually gets his shinny 16 year old black a**e out of bed, he can make the lunch.....I look forward to it. = o

Any hoo back to the hair story! I will let the pictures do the talking. I added silver kinky hair to the crown area last week. Yesterday I washed it and set it in rollers. Below are the before and after pictures.

Even if i say so myself, the silver thang looks better when the hair is set. Do i look like an old lady? I think so.....perhaps I will have to experiment with set hair styles. Actually no perhaps about it...I will!!!!

No.....this is what my son did for me on photoshop. What i will look like when my hair is eventually covered.......on second thoughts, no rush to get to that end goal thank you very much!!!

So whaddaya think? Let me know....I really value your opinion.

Enjoy being spoilt in England the sun is shinny and its such a beautiful spring Sunday. Just Peeeerffeccccct.