Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


My Lovely Consultant added 3 sample locks in a row above the old ones and 4 in a row below.

The reason for this being that she feels it maybe that the old ones are too small hence the 3 above, but just in case she has added the 4 below with different lock systems.

Then in 2 months time when I have my locks installed she will be removing this babies to make room for the fresh ones.

Oh yes, she also re tightened the four '25 day old' sample locks.


After N1 concluded her conversation with the TC, She immediately called the very first CC she'd emailed just to 'off load'......(you know the lovely lady who couldn't see her till around November). (Note to N1: 'Patience is indeed a virtue!)

As it happens, the Lovely Consultant had a cancellation and can now fit N1 in from the 3rd of October through to the 5th of October.

The LC empathised but wasn't really surprised as she has clients on her books who had been through the same hassle locating a decent consultant.

Even over the phone this LC was so thorough and filled N1's head with more information than she'd received from the other two consultants put together!

Two days later she was sat on the LC's chair adding 7 more sample locks to N1's hair, and while she did this, she explained the reason for each row she put in.

N1 also watched a presentation that lasted 30 minutes, she signed a mini contract, she received a receipt for her payments and she laughed a lot!!

This LC is very very professional and N1 walked away with plenty of paper pamphlets plus she even got a call the day after reiterating that if N1 had any questions about anything, (even the money) she mustn't hesitate to call her and ask. (Is this woman an ANGEL or what??).

So boys and girls this is the end of this episode on finding the right consultant.

The moral of this story is....well I have more than 1!

1) Patience is a virtue!
2) Listen to your gut instints or (God instints)!
3) Don't sell yourself short!
4) If you're trying too hard, it ain't going to work!
5) You should feel totally relaxed, like you're with your best friend!
6) Distance shouldn't be numero uno on your list!
7) Remember you're paying for a good all round service!
8) Would you recommend your consultant?
9) Does it feel like 'coming home' when you step through her threshold?
10) How does she feel about you?

Monday, 4 August 2008


For what happened next, see 'LAST MINUTE CHANGE OF CONSULTANTS' AND 'INSTALLATION DATE HAS MOVED' before reading below.

Now although the date for installation had moved to 2nd & 3rd of September, N1 was thinking hard and questions began to swirl around her head. 'My goodness' she thought 'the TC hadn't called to arrange a consultation I'd better call her and get my questions answered'.

So people in light of the 'telling offs' she'd received in the past, she wrote down her questions and actually PRAYED for her words to flow so that the TC wouldn't take offence by anything she said.

N1 called and asked a few questions.......she could sense the woman wasn't happy and imagined her standing with both hands on the hips & wondering what stupid questions might come out of N1's mouth. Then they got on to the subject of money and the TC said with such authority N1's heart skipped a beat.......'its £300 as stated by the CC when she spoke to you, the price is not going to change!!' At that precise moment in time, the penny finally dropped for N1. She made a decision there and then that the TC will NEVER CLAP EYES ON HER, let alone do her hair.

End of part 5, stay tuned for the final part 6.

Friday, 1 August 2008


One lovely Saturday morning N1 got ready and headed down to the CC's house and as she got closer to her house she had to call the CC to get a more detailed direction.

After the CC gave directions she asked N1 for her name again and N1 told her. CC then lounged an attack that went something like this

...' you're the one that called TC and wanted to go and see her as well as seeing me.....let me tell you something, we don't do things like that, we Consultants are all very close and we inform each of 'would be' clients trying to DO THE ROUNDS!'...blah blah blah....

Well folks you can imagine N1 went ballistic and wondered what the hell was going she was literally minutes away from the CC's house and she was accusing N1 of wrong she did what any hot blooded female would do and slammed the phone down after thanking her graciously for wasting her time and energy coming all the way to her area. She didn't care for this sort of accusations over nothing; and in fairness folks the CC did call N1 back and said as she was nearby she may well come by. (note to N1....always listen to gut should have gone HOME!!!)

N1 got to her house and it was as if cross words were never spoken before, but as N1 felt really uncomfortable, she brought the subject up again and tried to clear the air and even apologised for getting angry.

To cut an even longer story short, she gave N1 an album to look at which mostly consisted of shots of her good self, and N1 ended up leaving a deposit of £30 for securing an installation date. (How silly was N1...her gut instint was screaming what are you doing....are you guys going to be able to work together for the next year or so?????)

End of part 3, stay tuned for part 4.


The day finally came for N1 to visit the CC for the installation of her sample locks and she made sure she set off from work on a Monday a good 2 hours early (45 minutes journey even with traffic folks).

As she got into her car the skies opened up and to make matters worse a car had overturned making the traffic a little unbearable, but because she set off early she was fairly confident she will make it on time. As the time passed, she called CC and warned her of the traffic and it went to voice matter thought N1, at least she will retrieve the message at some point.

Eventually N1 got there full of apologies and CC didn't look too pleased. 'No matter' thought N1 'keep apologizing!' N1 sat down and before she knew it, 4 sample locks were installed!

However folks while she was putting the locks in, CC then asked N1................. 'so where exactly was this accident on the motorway?' N1 answered but in her head she was thought........ 'gosh I have just spent the last two minutes apologising and explaining what happened, she obviously doesn't believe me'

Naturally the CC warned N1 the importance of arriving early etc etc for the big day, and that was that. N1 was practically frog marched to the door. (well she was running late & had to go out!)

End of part 4, stay tuned for part 5