Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Hello everyone!

I am discovering every month how much silver, white and grey hair i have. Its new to me and exciting at the same time!

But as you all know, the issue i have is the permanent hair colour i will never be able to shift as grey hair is porous, and right now cutting the coloured bits off is not an option.....well not yet at any rate.

I tried silly things like matching thread wrapped around it and it just looked well......silly.

What i hadn't considered is wrapping extensions around the coloured bits and see how that fairs.

In the picture directly below i have done just that using a blond hair extension (for clarity). So all that's left is for me to match my silver, white, grey hair with a matching extensions and am good to go.

I am going to just have a go and see how it looks, surely its got to be better than this very ugly stage. Am not a very patient person and in fact this Monday just gone marked my 6th month without colour. Shocking for me.....didn't think i could do it.

Anyway, that's the plan so watch this space as i transition over to the God's Bling space.

Below (a little out of focus, sorry) is how much grey i have which is predominately on my crown. Kool! I like!