Monday, 5 October 2009


Well would you believe it....1 whole year has passed by since I had my locks installed! It was a year this last Saturday gone!! I still remember the morning vividly, how i could barely sleep and looking forward mostly to someone else sorting my hair out and generally enjoying the process.

Last week i was reading Kitty's blog and she mentioned that she just uses conditioner in her hair once a week and then on a monthly bases she shampoos. So i thought I'd give that a go...after all my locks are a year old and can with stand the softness without unraveling my locks. I had a little giggle to myself as i marveled at the perfect timing to the day to be precise!

Well it was a little strange when i applied the conditioner in the shower but i just imagined i had just shampooed and now i was about to condition. The result was excellent...for once my hair was very soft and it appeared to gain instant length..(though i believe it the weight of the water and the conditioner combined) not such a bad thing in the grand scheme of things.

In the weeks leading up to this anniversary, I tried to sum up my feelings and the things i have noticed about my locks thus far.

1 Obviously gained length
2 Gained body
3 Still lots of curly Q ends (I like)
4 On closer inspection, some locks on my temple have mature
5 Am not fussing so much, just letting them do what they are supposed to do to lock
6 I like that sometimes when I feel them, I am genuinely surprised at the length.
7 Discovered henna works for me so, I can safely say I am chemically free. (Yay me!!)
8 When I used the conditioner, I didn't have to oil my scalp.
9 When I shampoo, I have to oil my scalp once immediately afterwards
10 I love my locks and the freedom it brings
11 I love that I maintain my locks myself
12 I love that I get compliments about my hair from both sexes
13 My hair styles and options change as I gain length
15 I thank God I had the Big Chop with my traditional locks
16 I glad that I practically shaved all my hair off to start from the very beginning
17 I add a couple of drops of Glycerin to my spritz water, which maintains softness
18 I keep my routine very simple
19 I still braid and band about 7 locks at the back due to unravelling
20 I wear a shower cap everytime I shower to combat colour on front edges fading too quickly