Thursday, 27 November 2008


I purchased this metal butterfly Alice band a while back and today I thought it a good idea to wear it as it keeps my locks in place thus hiding the grey roots. He he.... I think am a smart cookie, just have to find ways of hiding the grey.
Advantage though is that you can see quite clearly how much growth you've had over a certain period. (see, grey hair has its uses...he he)

Okay people, these piccies were taken this morning, woke up earlier than usual and had a 'light bulb' moment! Thought I'd jump in the shower sort myself out and take a few shots of my 2 month old locks et voila!


Monday, 17 November 2008


My re tightening experience went like the breeze.

Marie had anticipated over 4 hours simply because of the extremely tiny locks I have lurking about 2 inches above the nap of my neck! Only God knows what's going on there. ..... Anyway the good news is that it's growing and I also appeared to have gained an extra lock....Yaaaaaay!

Three and a half hours later I was on my way home! No pics folks, because not much as changed other than the grey on my head ain't as bad as I had anticipated.......Don't get me wrong, I have plenty! Anyway with the blonde thing going on, am wearing it well!!

I will post photos at the two month mark! The difference should be more apparent then.

As usual, thank you for reading folks!!