Monday, 26 September 2011


Hello People!

I will let the pictures do the talking. It was a joy to put in pipe cleaners, less hair length, less time to put in/out, less drying time! Though if am honest i just ran my hands under the tap and rubbed my hair twice, then i put in the pipe cleaners.

Thursday, 22 September 2011



I liked my shaved sides soooo much i decided to retain it. So when i went up to Manchester i paid a visit to her barber/hairdressers and got them to shave the sides and the back into a 'V' shape.

The result you see directly below.

Then i hated to see the coloured bits sooo much, I french plaited it all the way down showing off ma Mohawk man! lol
Then I had a panic attack....'oh my god, work!'. So i put a head scarf on it.

Then I had a Wedding party to attend and so i French plaited it upwards kinda like a pineapple. With the coloured bits hanging out randomly.

Then i went to down to Plymouth to see my little 'Chicken', and he had hair issues too! Plus let me tell you, i wasn't liking that crazy fringe thing! And the coloured bits were seriously beginning to take their toll on me.

So in honour of my 1st year anniversary i chopped off all the coloured bits that have bugged me for the best part of
one year.

So how you like me now?.... I LIKE VERY MUCH!!