Monday, 26 January 2009


Micro locks in the 1st month!

Micro locks at 4 months!


Well folks, I just couldn't wait I had to go out and purchase a slab of (CACA MARRON) this lovely product.
The girls in the store were all in their jim jams, so as we walked in i said to my son....'look the lady is still in her jim jams'. She smiled 'naturally' and carried on with the displaying of nice smelly unpackaged soap bars. My son located the store by smell!!!
One of the lovely ladies even suggested the colour I picked, but before that she pointed out she had the same colour and proceeded to show me her hair, then there was the girl at the till and she even went as far as dragging a girl from the back of store!! (SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE AT LUSH!!)
I followed the instructions and picked a section in the front with lots of greys and applied the paste I made before hand. And as it dried it set like clay and each time i lifted my hair to see what was going on, it rained tiny little clay balls on my lap. I left it in for 3 hours and in that time, i cooked, i ate and i even had a light but delicious snooze.

And here is the first result after i rinsed & washed out the paste. There is quite a difference! The disconcerting thing about the henna is even after you're done, the colour is still developing for a few more hours. However the good thing about this henna is that i could repeat the process for three (3) days in a row (like am going to be bothered to do that!!! I'd rather dedicate a whole day and get it right first time!!) and even adding coffee you if want to get a darker result!
So check this out, see my greys??? Yep that's what i have to deal with, came as a bit of a shock as i haven't gone without colour for four (4) months since i began colouring. Yep I've got grey alright folks! Anyway forget the grey, I have.......look at the contrast.....not bad eh?

I have pulled the hair back and as the colour is not a million miles away from my blonde chemical colour....i think am going to stick with this and enjoy learning and experimenting with the different shades within this colour range. You know what gets me all exited????
Feed back please people........what do you think??????

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Am not sure this product is available in the United States as it's British. It's from an all natural product store called LUSH.
This colour is called Caca Brun. (Caca in french means poo). It's called that because when melted it looks like poo....he he..... anyway go for a browse on the website....its great because there are loads of customer feedback good and bad, though the good far out ways the bad!!
It comes in 4 different colours, Caca Brun, Caca Marron, Caca Rouge and Caca Noir. The great thing about these colours are that you can mix them to get your personal desired results. Plus as it's henna you can re-apply the next day if not happy with your results!
Personally I am seriously considering this as my only way to colour when the time comes.......cant wait!!! (Btw my consultant says I'll have to wait till the summer before i can go there......awwweee)
Ladies with grey.......YES YOU CAN!!

Monday, 5 January 2009


As usual the session went well and the following is what I discovered:

1) The sessions took 4 hours an hour more than the last session.

2) This is because, I had new growth where I had none previously which meant incorporating the new growth with my existing locks.

3) My hair felt different from when I had it retightened the first time.

4) It felt thicker and fuller to the touch.

5) I can visibly see the new growth and even new baby hairs!

6) Plus Marie is happy with my progress!

7) Enough said after #6!!!